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Welcome to the Sheffield NanoLAB, a Centre for activities in Nanoscale Science and Engineering within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

We develop advanced methods for the processing, structuring and characterisation/metrology of nanomaterials, together with new technologies for the nanomanipulation and functional testing of nanoscale systems. We have extensive expertise in advanced electron and ion microscopies, including in-situ SEM, in-situ TEM, nanoFIB and tomography

Current NanoLAB Staff

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Our preparation lab is fully equipped for SEM and TEM sample preparation, facilities for Nanoprobe Instrument assembly and testing, and data/image analysis

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NanoLAB Jobs and PhD Studentships

Unfortunately there are no current vacancies available in the NanoLAB. There are however a range of PhD Studentships available which are linked to the NanoLAB

Job Vacancies

PhD Studentships