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NanoLAB work highlighted on

January 6, 2009

A new research paper by Y Peng and BJ Inkson from the NanoLAB is currently highlighted in a number of top Nanotechnology Websites including, and Chemical and Engineering News (December 2008).

Nanoconstruction using nanoscale solder (

We have developed, as part of the EPSRC Basic Technology Nanorobotics Programme, a new way to weld together individual nanowires and nano-objects using tiny blobs of metal solder less than 250 atoms across.

This work is important because scientists have developed many ways to make individual nano-objects, but not many ways to securely join them together. Most everyday joining techniques cannot be applied at the nanoscale, where nano-objects a thousand times smaller than a human hair are easily destroyed by heat. The ability to weld individual nanoscale objects such as nanowires and nanoparticles together is becoming vitally important for nanotechnology applications such as nanosensors and nanoelectronics.

The work was done in collaboration with Prof Tony Cullis in the Dept of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Sheffield.

The paper is published in the Journal Nano Letters, and highlighted in, and Chemical and Engineering News.

Journal Publication

  1. Y Peng, AG Cullis and BJ Inkson, Bottom-up Nanoconstruction by the Welding of Individual Metallic Nanoobjects Using Nanoscale Solder, Nano Letters, 9(1), 91-96 (2009)


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