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  • October 1, 2009

    Aiden Lockwood is awarded an EPSRC/UoS Doctoral Prize Fellowship

    Aiden Lockwood was award an EPSRC/UoS Doctoral Prize Fellowship. The project intended to run for a single year and will focus on work relating to nanomechanical failure through friction, contact fatigue and adhesion

    Fellowship Scheme Website

  • September 8-11, 2009

    Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group EMAG2009

    The University of Sheffield hosts the Institute of Physics Electron Microscopy and Analysis Groups EMAG2009 Conference.

    An Advanced School on Nanofabrication and Nanomanipulation was run on September 8th.

    Günter Möbus helped with the local organisation

    Aiden Lockwood was awarded a prize for best Poster See Poster

  • August 23 - September 5, 2009

    UKIERI collaborative visit the IISc Bangalore, India

    Beverley Inkson, Devaprakasam Deivasagayam and Aiden Lockwood visited the IISc, Bangalore, India. The visit was organised to work on the UKIERI Collaborative project, NanoBALLS

    Some images from around the IISc Campus and a rural village which was visited during the trip

  • August 18, 2009

    NanoLAB work highlighted on

    Carbon is unique and forms structures as diverse as ultra-hard diamond, supersoft graphite, amorphous carbon and carbon nanotubes. But how can such disparate structures form from the same atoms? Using a real-time setup, scientists at Sheffield University's NanoLAB Centre, UK, are studying how ultra-thin layers of amorphous carbon, just 10100 atoms thick, can be changed into different forms of carbon by simply rubbing the two surfaces together.

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  • January 6, 2009

    NanoLAB work highlighted on

    A new research paper by Y Peng and Beverley Inkson from the NanoLAB is currently highlighted in a number of top Nanotechnology Websites including, and Chemical and Engineering News

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