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Professor Beverley J Inkson

Professor of Nanostructured Materials

Research Interests:

  • Mechanical properties of metals and ceramics at the nanoscale
  • Development of SEM/TEM Nanorobotics technologies: to simultaneously view, manipulate and test materials down to the atomic scale
  • Nanotribology, nanoindentation and surface wear
  • Nanoprocessing and nanoanalysis using focused ion beams (FIB)
  • Reliability of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems devices (MEMS)
  • 3D TEM, SEM and FIB microstructural analysis, tomography, in-situ TEM

Selected Publications:

  1. Y. Peng, A.G. Cullis and B.J. Inkson, Bottom-up Nanoconstruction by the Welding of Individual Metallic Nanoobjects Using Nanoscale Solder, Nano Letters, 9(1), 91-96 (2009)
  2. Y. Peng, A.G. Cullis and B.J. Inkson, Accurate electrical testing of individual gold nanowires by in-situ SEM nanomanipulators, Appl Phys Lett, 93, 183112 (2008) and the Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, 18, 20 (2008)
  3. B.J. Inkson, A. Lockwood and M.S. Bobji, Nanomaterials in motion, Materials World, 16(1), 40-42 (2008)
  4. F. Elfallagh and B.J. Inkson, Evolution of residual stress and crack morphologies during 3D FIB tomographic analysis of alumina, J. Microsc., 230(2), 240-251 (2008)
  5. G. Möbus and B.J. Inkson, Nanoscale tomography in materials science, Materials Today, 10(12), 18-25 (2007)
  6. M.D. Uchic, L. Holzer, BJ Inkson, E.L. Principe and P. Munroe, 3D Microstructural Characterization using Focused Ion Beam Tomography, MRS Bulletin, 32(5), 408-416 (2007)
  7. M.S Bobji, C.S. Ramanujan, J.B. Pethica and B.J. Inkson, A miniaturized TEM nanoindenter for studying material deformation in-situ, Meas. Sci. Technol., 17, 1324-1329 (2006)