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Dr Connie Rodenburg

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow

Research Interests:

  • Two- and three- dimensional quantitative dopant mapping in the scanning electron microscope (in collaboration with University of Cambridge, Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy)
  • Electrostatic manipulation of micro-and nano objects by electrostatic fields in a scanning electron microscope
  • Contrast mechanism in low voltage scanning electron microscopes

Selected Publications:

  1. M. A. E. Jepson, B. J. Inkson, Xiong Liu, L. Scipioni and C. Rodenburg, Quantitative dopant contrast in the helium ion microscope, EPL, 86, 26005 (2009)
  2. P. Kazemian, S.A.M. Mentik, C. Rodenburg, C. J Humphreys, High resolution quantitative two-dimensional dopant mapping using energy filtered secondary electron imaging. Journal of Applied Physics, 100, 054901 (2006)
  3. C. Rodenburg and M. Rainforth, The influence of beam energy and oxidation on quantitative carbide analysis in the scanning electron microscope. Journal of Applied Physics, 100, 114902 (2006)
  4. P. Kazemiam, A.C. Twitchett, C. J Humphreys, C. Rodenburg. Site-specific dopant profiling in a scanning electron microscope using focused ion beam prepared specimens. Applied Physics Letters, 88, 212110 (2006)
  5. B. Kaestner, C. Schönjahn, C.J. Humphreys. Mapping the potential within a nanoscale undoped GaAs region using a scanning electron microscope. Applied Physics Letters, 84, 2109-2111 (2004)
  6. C. Schönjahn, R.F. Broom, C.J. Humphreys, A. Howie, S. A. M. Mentink. Optimizing and quantifying dopant mapping using a scanning electron microscope with a through-the-lens detector. Applied Physics Letters. 83(2), 293-295 (2003)
  7. C. Schönjahn, C.J. Humphreys, M. Glick. Energy-filtered imaging in a field-emission scanning electron microscope for dopant mapping in semiconductors. Journal of Applied Physics. 92, 7667-71 (2002)