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Dr Günter Möbus

Reader in Electron Microscopy and Materials Science

Research Interests:

  • Advanced Characterization and Patterning of Materials on the Nanoscale (Nanometrology & Nanomanipulation)
  • Development of Electron Microscope based Techniques for Atomic Scale Imaging and Analysis

Selected Publications:

  1. X. Xu, Z. Saghi, R. Gay and G. Möbus, Reconstruction of 3D morphology of polyhedral nanoparticles, Nanotechnology, 18(22), 225501-225508 (2007)
  2. G. Yang, G. Möbus, R.J. Hand, Cerium and Boron Chemistry in Doped Borosilicate Glasses Examined by EELS, Micron, 37, 433-441, (2006)
  3. G. Möbus, R.D. Doole and B.J. Inkson, Spectroscopic Electron Tomography, Ultramicroscopy, 96, 433-451, (2003)
  4. G. Möbus, Structure Determination by Quantitative HREM, in M. Rühle ed., High-Resolution Imaging and Spectrometry, Springer, Heidelberg, ISBN 3-350-41818-0; pp. 69-118 (2003)
  5. T.J. Steer, G. Möbus, O. Kraft, T. Wagner, B.J. Inkson, 3-D focused ion beam mapping of nanoindentation zones in a Cu-Ti multilayered coating, Thin solid films, 413, 147-154 (2002)
  6. G. Möbus, and B.J. Inkson, 3-dimensional reconstruction of buried nanoparticles by element-sensitive tomography based on inelastically scattered electrons, Applied Physics Letters, 79, 1369 (2001)