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Journal Publications

  1. U Bhatta, IM Ross, TXT Sayle, DC Sayle, SC Parker, D Reid, S Seal, A Kumar, and G Möbus, Cationic Surface Reconstructions on Cerium Oxide Nanocrystals: An Aberration Corrected HRTEM Study, ACS Nano, 6(1), p.421 (2012)
  2. W Guan, J Ghatak, Y Peng, N Peng, C Jeynes, BJ Inkson, G Möbus, Patterned ion beam implantation of Co ions into a SiO(2) thin film via ordered nanoporous alumina masks, Nanotechnology, 23(4), 045605 (2012)
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  3. J Ghatak, W Guan and G Möbus, In situ TEM observation of lithium nanoparticle growth and morphological cycling, Nanoscale, 4(5), p.1754-9 (2012)
  4. P Zeng, WM Rainforth, BJ Inkson and TD Stewart, Transmission electron microscopy analysis of worn alumina hip replacement prostheses, Acta Mater., 60, 2061-2072 (2012)
  5. P Zeng, WM Rainforth, BJ Inkson and TD Stewart, Characterisation of worn alumina hip replacement prostheses, J. Biomed. Mat. Res. Part B - Appl Biomaterials, 100, B(1), 121-132 (2012)
  6. M Elawayeb, Y Peng, K Briston and BJ Inkson, Electrical properties of individual NiFe/Pt multilayer nanowires measured in situ in a scanning electron microscope, J. Appl. Phys., 111(3), 034306 (2012)

Conference Proceedings

  1. BJ Inkson, AJ Lockwood, JJ Wang, A Anantheshwara and MS Bobji, Friction induced phase transformations at surfaces characterised in-situ by TEM nanotribology, Proc. APMC 10 (10th Asia-Pacific Microscopy Conference, Perth, Australia) (2012)