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Journal Publications

  1. JJ Wang, AJ Lockwood, Y Peng, X Xu, M.S. Bobji, BJ Inkson, Formation of carbon nanostructures by in-situ TEM mechanical nanoscale fatigue and fracture of carbon thin films, Nanotechnology, 20, 30, 305703 (2009)
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  2. Z Saghi, X Xu, and G Möbus, Model based atomic resolution tomography, Journal of Applied Physics, 106, 024304 (2009)
  3. Y Peng, AG Cullis, G Möbus, X Xu, BJ Inkson, Conductive nichrome probe tips: fabrication, characterisation and application as nanotools, Nanotechnology, 20, 395708 (2009)
  4. Y Peng, AG Cullis and BJ Inkson, Bottom-up Nanoconstruction by the Welding of Individual Metallic Nanoobjects Using Nanoscale Solder, Nano Letters, 9(1), 91-96 (2009)
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  5. D Deivasagayam, PV Hatton, G Möbus and BJ Inkson, Nanoscale tribology, energy dissipation and failure mechanisms of nano- and micro- silica particle filled polymer composites, Tribology Letters., 34,11-19 (2009)
  6. AJ Lockwood and BJ Inkson, In-situ TEM nanoindentation and deformation of Si-nanoparticle clusters, J Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 42 035410 (2009)

Conference Proceedings

  1. Z Saghi, T Gnanavel, X Xu and G Möbus, Hybrid Tomography of Nanostructures in the Electron Microscope, Mater. Res. Soc. Proc. 1184-HH02-03 (2009)
  2. D Deivasagayam, PV Hatton, G Möbus and BJ Inkson, Nanoscale Energy Dissipation and Failure Mechanics of Nanoparticles, Nanoclusters and Nanoparticle Filled Polymer Composites, Conference Extended Abstracts 2nd International Conference on Advanced Tribology , pp.100-102, ISBN 978-981-08-2067-1 (2009)